Victory Video Productions
Vicki Johnson
voice: 859-734-2785 or 859-229-0958

[UPDATE] The Wedding Video is available!

Looking for a videographer on my own was very difficult. Everyone I interviewed either did not listen to our wedding plans, had a cookie cutter approach, or were a cinematographer with their own ideas of how they "saw our wedding". Every acquaintance that I talked to about my difficulty promised me they knew exactly the perfect videographer, and often gave me a tape or DVD to watch. Every video we watched was less than we wanted for our special day. In fact, I began to get discouraged and thought I would never find anyone who would film our wedding in a way that would record the unique memories from our wedding.

When I expressed my frustration to my mom, she suggested Vicki Johnson, a person they had met photographing local county beauty and talent pageants. When I called her, she first asked me about my wedding and just listened. She then made arrangements to send me a copy of a recent wedding she had shot on DVD. The sample video she lent us was very touching and convinced us that we had our videographer. In addition, they shoot a two person set up for a very reasonable price. Fred and I were looking very forward to our video from the moment we signed with Vicki and Victory.

I think she was as excited as we were once we told her about what we had planned for the wedding. Every time I spoke to her, she told me how much she was looking forward to the wedding and how beautiful it would be. Every time I tried to meet with my vendors at the church, Vicki made a point of traveling to meet too, and got to know all of the other people she would work with. She made a point of learning about all of the customs and traditions that are part of a Scottish wedding, and capturing every one them on film.

We opted for the childhood/growing up photo montage in the beginning with "Butterfly Kisses" (Meredith), "Forever Young" (Fred) and "You've Got a Friend" (both) as the background music. For the wedding soundtrack, we chose various contemporary Celtic artists throughout. Vicki did a wonderful job matching the video footage to the music, and even included interviews with loved ones, portions of the rehearsal, and footage of the preparations. The video from Victory was absolutely unbelievable and there were so many things that I was able to see because of it. It still hasn't sunk in yet that it is our wedding, because it was so beautiful and touching.

For anyone wondering if they really NEED a videographer, the answer is yes, you do. There are so many things we were able to remember or actually even see from the wedding. If you think you will remember everything from the wedding, after 24 hours, you won.t. I tried. and it didn.t work. The only way to capture it is to get a good videographer and a good photographer. And trust me, Vicki is your girl!! When we first saw the video, we cried, laughed, sighed, and did a few .so-that-is-what-happened. throughout the whole thing. My mom cried watching it when we showed it to her at Christmas, and I cried all over again. Vicki was incredible, and the video was beyond all expectations.