Expressive Studios
Amy Polston
voice: 502-412-2202

[UPDATE] The professional photos are up!

When Mackenzie and I were looking for a photographer, we were trying to weigh photographic talent with the fees the studios charged. I found several photographers that were very well known and which I had seen from other weddings. Their work was phenomenal.but so were their fees. Mackenzie met Amy of Expressive Studios and discovered that she had just relocated from Colorado to Louisville to set up Expressive. After seeing her work, Mackenzie told me to give her a call, if not for anything else, to get names of other photographers that might be available. When I called Amy and found she was available, I booked her immediately on Mackenzie's word and enthusiasm for her talent. Amy is a photographer that really gets into her work. I have even seen her cry over shots, just because they turned out so beautifully. The bridals she took at The Mansion were magical (you may be able to access those too if you ask her). I gave Fred the albumn of my bridals as one of his wedding presents and he takes the opportunity to show them off every chance he gets. I am so pleased with the photography.

Visiting their studio to pick out the bridals for the album, I had the chance to see their studio work, and it is very nice. The staff was friendly and artistically talented. Amy is very attentive in the studio and is a great help in planning out an album. She brings up all the images for you to choose from, and you plan out everything with her on the spot.

They printed out around 2500 proofs from the wedding for us (because we had to make all of our decisions in Alabama, and could not come to the studio) and gave them to us in shopping bags and one proof book because there were so many. They captured the touching moments of the wedding so we could relive all of them once we recovered.

Their prices are better than a lot of local photographers, and I got more shots, so I am VERY thankful for that. Even some of our friends who hired other photographers for a higher fee really liked the pictures, so I see that as an additional mark of approval. Their work is all digital, and this allows for color, black and white, or sepia tones on any image you choose. In addition, on your one year anniversary, they give you all of the digital proofs on disk. They do offer website display and ordering (for an additional fee, a la carte). I have been too occupied other tasks with the wedding pictures to pick out the images for Amy to narrow from to design the wedding album, but I will let you know when I receive the album.