Hair and Now Salon
Isabel Perstitch
voice: (859) 269-5345

I have known the owner of Hair and Now, Isabel, for almost 20 years when I went to school with her daughter, Kerry at The Lexington School. When I brought pictures of what I wanted for my hair and makeup, Isabel set to work finding the perfect hair stylist and makeup artist. She even posted my pictures up in her office so they could devise a plan to recreate the effect. In both my bridal and wedding hair and makeup, the artists did an excellent job. For a person who wears a small amount of makeup, I was worried that I was going to look too .made up. for my bridals, but once I saw the bridals, I was very pleased with the result. Hair and Now offers a wide variety of services and has a very posh European feel. I highly recommend them and encourage you to check out their website.