Piper's Cove Kilt Rentals
voice: (800) 447-1737

The people at Piper's Cove were very helpful in our rental of a Muted Dress MacDonald outfit for my father. Helen, the lady who handled our account, was from Dundee, Scotland and each time I called her, she spoke to me for fifteen minutes or more. She also spoke to my father for a good deal of time, and told me how much she enjoyed their conversation when I next spoke to her. They also carried ghillies (Scottish kilt shoes) in size 14, which many other kilt shops do not, and that I needed for both Fred and Dad. Their kilt rentals include the entire outfit, including the skein dubh, belt, flashes, shoes, jacket, vest, and shirt. All you have to buy is the socks. The whole outfit with accessories comes in a suit bag and helps to keep all of the pieces together. They also allow rentals of partial outfits, which many other shops do not. They get an A+ in my book, and if we ever need another kilt in a pattern they carry, they will be our first choice. They rent Irish National, Muted Dress MacDonald, Black Watch and Royal Stewart tartan patterns.