One Fine Day Bridal Consultation
Mackenzie Spalding
voice: 502-350-0326 or 859-536-6229

Anyone who knows me knows I am a perfectionist. And when it comes to my own wedding, it is even more so. I know I have driven countless people crazy over the details and the "it HAS to be THIS way!!" mantra planning the wedding. I was so very lucky to find Mackenzie. I have told her over and over (even after the wedding) that she is a God-send. I first met her 6 weeks after she had her first born, Carly. Instantly I adored her because I realized I had found a "me" that did weddings. Mackenzie IS IT!!! Trust me!! Anyone that can calm me down in a full panic is TALENTED!!

I found very early that Mackenzie and I shared the same vision for my wedding. She just listened to all my plans and expectations the very first day, then when I finished, she smiled, looked me straight in the eye, and told me that was the wedding she had. She had the pictures to prove it too! I can't describe the mental link she and I had for the entire lead-up to the wedding, but she was amazing. To top it all off, she talked me out of some silly and stubborn things I was set on (like taking pictures BEFORE the wedding instead of after). She said "If you are basing the success of you marriage on whether or not you see him before the wedding or not, we need to talk." I looked at her for a moment, saw the undeniable logic, smiled and simply replied "Ok". I think I stunned her....).

I have volumes of email written between us on every detail, every step, every moment of everything for the rehearsal, wedding, and reception. She is the perfectionist planner for the perfectionist bride. In fact, her all inclusive "let me plan everything and you don't worry about a single thing" package would be well worth it. If I knew then what I know now, I would have turned the whole thing over and slept like a baby, which is a BIG endorsement from me because I never think anything I can do can be done as well by someone else. Best of all, I found a dear friend in the middle of one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Mackenzie is beyond anything I could ever put in to words. She is the greatest and I honestly love her dearly.