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Greetings! My name is Fredrich Maney, but you can call me Fred. I was born in Lexington, KY. As an Army Brat, I lived in Wahiawa, HI (Schofield Barracks), Columbus, GA (Fort Benning) and Salinas, CA (Fort Ord), where I attended El Gabilan Elementary and got my first library card at the John Steinbeck Library.

When I was 6, we moved back to Lexington and I attended James Lane Allen Elementary, Millcreek Elementary, Morton Junior High School and Oneida Baptist Institute (Oneida, KY). In May of 1990, I graduated from Henry Clay High School in Lexington. I went on to study Computer Science at Lexington Community College and the University of Kentucky.

Between moving because of the Army and moving because of work, I've lived in seven states (KY, HI, GA, CA, TN, NC and AL) and seen almost every state in the United States (I'd flown more than 50,000 miles before I was 3 years old). I'm just missing a few in the Northwest and Northeast. Most of that moving has been done the hard way - rent/borrow a truck and draft a couple of buddies to help load/unload. That being said, I love to travel (just not move).

As is apparent from my résumé, I've been working as a Consultant (doing mainly Unix Systems Administration) since leaving the Ivory Tower. It's kept me moving (though I'm hoping to put an end to that very soon).

How do I spend my time? I have more hobbies and interests than I can really handle. I read, write, listen to all sorts of music and I want to be a pilot and photographer. My hair is reddish-brown, my eyes change color, I am roughly six feet tall and I am an amateur Scottish Heavy Athlete.