The British Shop
voice: (716) 874-6064

The British Shop carried the tartan (Flower of Scotland) that Fred wanted for himself, the groomsman, and ushers, and was one of the few that did. They did not carry as many accessories as Piper.s Cove, and their shipping was a little confusing, but they had everything we needed, and lots of it!! They sent everything to my mom's office, which made it very convenient for everyone. It was also easy to order them, and all they needed was the same information the tux shop did. Just like renting a tux, and MUCH more memorable! After everything, the groomsmen and ushers just dropped off their kilts with Mackenzie, and we shipped all 7 outfits together in a big box back to The British Shop. Shipping was even reasonable (around $25 for about 100 lbs of wool, leather, and fur, with insurance.)

A suggestion for ordering from The British Shop: Have each outfit shipped separately to keep the kilts and accessories assigned to each person together. It makes it easier to make sure everyone gets the items they were measured for, and that the proper renter returns these same items they have been assigned. It may be a little more expensive, but it save some headache when someone forgets to return an outfit on time..(not that I am mentioning a certain guilty groomsman by name...). Another option is to have all the items be labeled, and that first AND last names be used, in case there is more than one renter with the same name.