Meredith Molloy Houston & Fredrich Patterson Sebastian Maney

Picture of Meredith & Fredrich

Yes, there is finally something different!! Sorry to all who have checked and re-checked our site looking for info, pictures and such. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and various trips, and illnesses, we have gotten a little behind in our website updates. We plan to be better about this (maybe Fred will teach Meredith how to update the site on her own to make it easier on him..........)

The professional pictures are up!!! It was tough to pick out of all 2500 or so proofs we were sent. The 275 that are posted are merely a skimming of what was shot, but the best!

We also have over 60 pictures that have been sent to us by the kindness of guests. These I have posted under "Guest Photos" for all to enjoy. Thank you's go out to Traci Bock, Linda Wharton, Nancy Curl, Bill Bell, and Mackenzie Spaulding for providing some incredible shots. If you have shots you would like to add to the site, please e-mail me and let me know.