This is my personal site. It is not an official project for any of my employers, past or present (and most likely, future). While I typically subject it to peer review (meaning the people whose opinions I respect, not some stuffed shirts on an editorial board) from time to time, you may (or may not, depending upon your point of view and station in life) rest assured that it has never been subjected to the whims of some PHB or marketdroid. So, if you come back here again some day and find the site is nothing like you remember, the only person you can blame is me (and I can deal with that).

There have been few people who I can really say have directly influenced this site. Recent raiding grounds for layout and style ideas though include:


I have tried to make this site accessible to as many people as possible. However, considering how difficult it is to test for all possible configurations of all browsers on all platforms, I recommend that you view my site, and the rest of the web with A Standards Compliant Browser.


The structure of this site is in XHTML; it's presentation is controlled with Cascading Style Sheets. Both were authored by hand in vi. Visitors are welcome to view source and adapt any ideas they like for their own projects. The key word is 'adapt', don't just copy and paste.