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Fredrich Maney has been working in the field of Systems Administration since 1994. Fredrich is a Sun and NASA Certified Systems Administrator currently employed as a Systems Administrator for Insight in Louisville, KY.

Like it says on my résumé [HTML, PDF, SXW, DOC, TXT], I've been a Systems Administrator for a defense contractor, an internet services company, an long-term healthcare provider, a telecommunications company, an non-profit organization and an HMO (that was from most to least recent). During most of that time I also ran my own company doing Virtual Hosting and Web Design.

I've also done quite a few things that aren't on my résumé. For instance, I spent nearly three years as a phlebotomist at the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center. Like many people, I worked my way through high school and college. Some of the jobs I had were: a farm worker, a car wash attendant, a security guard, manager of a sub shop and a burger flipper.

In case you haven't seen the rest of my personal site; I read, write, listen to all sorts of music and I want to be a pilot and photographer when I grow up. My hair is balding, my eyes change color, I am roughly six feet tall and I am an amateur Scottish Heavy Athlete.