Fredrich Maney

What's In A Name?

It seems that all parents spend a great deal of time deciding on what to name their children. Mine were no different it seems. They eventually decided to go with Thomas Fredrich Patterson Maney, but decided to call me Fred (leading to endless confusion with the military and, later, the public school system).

It seems that all children grow up wishing they had a different name than they were given at birth. I was no different I guess. When I was twelve and my parents' divorce was final, my Mom sat my brother Clay (his third name, he had it worse than I did in the name game) and myself down to tell us that she had decided to change her name. Up until that point I was completely unaware that it was even possible to change your name.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to change mine as well. I ended up dropping the Thomas, that I never used, and adding my Mom's maiden name, Sebastian, as my second middle name.

Hence, Fredrich Patterson Sebastian Maney.